Montmartre version anglaise

La carterie de Marc

With my daugther Amandine on place du tertre in Montmatre

The history of painters in Montmartre still continues.
I go up there early in the morning, when the place du
tertre and the streets are still asleep, when the cafes of the place are just beginning to open their eyes, the little café in the morning with 2 or 3 painter friends, portrait painters.

Afterwards, I'm going to walk in the small streets of Montmartre sketchbook under my arm and I start a sketch...!

Rue St Rustique,
Rue du Chevalier de la Barre,
Rue Poulbot,
Rue des Saules and more! »

Afterwards, I come back to my easel and start the work...!



Montmartre  1

Rue St Rustique

Montmartre  2

Rue du chevalier de la Barre

Montmartre  3

Place du tertre

Montmartre 4

Rue des Saules - La bonne Franquette

Montmartre  5

Rue des Saules - La maison rose

Montmartre  6

Rue Lepic - Le moulin de la galette

Montmartre  7

Le sacré Coeur

Montmartre  8

Place Emile Gaudeau

Montmartre  9

Rue Norvins - Le tire Bouchon

Montmartre 10

Rue Norvins - Sacré Coeur


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